Uruguayan hospital reaches 100,000 eye surgeries with Cuban collaboration

cubanew/acn 23 November 2020

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 23 (ACN) The Ojos de José Martí Hospital, in Uruguay, where Cuban specialists collaborate, celebrates today the 100,000th eye operation in the exercise of a visual health policy available to the entire population of that South American country.

The institution that emerged in the heat of Operation Miracle, in 2005, through which Uruguayans of all ages traveled to Havana to recover their vision for free, has stood since 2007 as a living monument of solidarity, according to Cubadebate website.

By highlighting the operation carried out last November 20, the director of the Team of Representatives of retirees and pensioners of Uruguay in the Social Security Bank, Sixto Amaro, evoked those beginnings when then-president Tabaré Vázquez promoted bilateral agreements with Cuba that favored low-income population groups.

As detailed, to date, 263,000 members of all Retiree Associations have been benefited from this procedure.

The Cuban Medical Brigade, which has been working alongside Uruguayan health personnel for 13 years, with Dr. José Hernandez as its representative, currently includes doctors, nurses, managing and services technicians, the text says.

They perform investigations, preoperative retinal, glaucoma, ocuplastia, refractive, optics, optometry consultations, etc, and actively participate in the search for patients affected by visual impairment throughout the Uruguayan territory and thus initiate a process of solution to their condition, recognized and socially valued by Uruguayans.

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