University of Havana to Improve Links between Cuba and the US

Havana, Feb 14 (Prensa Latina) The University of Havana will always have its doors open for academic exchange and deepen relations between the peoples of Cuba and the United States, said the rector of that institution, Gustavo Cobreiro Wednesday.

During a panel on the internationalization of Higher Education held in the context of the 11th International Congress Universidad 2018, Cobreiro explained the importance of strengthening the existing links between scientific entities of the Caribbean island and the northern country.

In the Havana Convention Center, the rector of the University of Havana reported that during the last months, visits by North American academicians to Cuba were frequent.

Also -he pointed out- several projects and investigations were started, and up to now 156 joint actions have already been taken into account, on subjects related to physics, chemistry and biology.

‘We have several agreements signed, and our goal is to continue to work in this regard, even in the midst of the known obstacles. That is our main challenge, to strengthen academic relations and exchange between both peoples,’ Cobreiro remarked.

On the other hand, North American academician Sally Crimmins recalled that in 1990, the links between the State University of New York (SUNY for its acronym in English) and the University of Havana were established.

‘Since then, she said, many US students visited the Antillean country.’

Professor Crimmins noted that in October 2016, members of the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education visited SUNY, while in February 2017, about twenty SUNY members travelled to Cuba.

Finally, Crimmins pointed out that both parts have already signed understanding agreements with Cuban higher education centers, in the provinces of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara.

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