UNESCO Receives Exhibit of Cuban Illiteracy Campaign in 1961

Paris, Sep 15 (Prensa Latina) Concerning the activities in the UNESCO for the World Day of Literacy, Cuba showed an exhibition on the Literacy Campaign that constituted the base of its current educational system, reported Cuban ambassadress Dulce Buergo.

Titled ‘Education: Right of the People, Essential Tool Development’, the sample exhibited photos, texts and diverse materials on the efforts at the beginning of the Revolution to teach to read and write the population, what allowed to declare Cuba a free country from illiteracy, in 1961.

Buergo, ambassadress of Cuba before UNESCO, said that the exhibition proposed the public a trip on those years in which ‘the historical prowess of eradicating the illiteracy in less than one year and creating the conditions to guarantee the universal and free education in all the educational levels, was obtained’.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the diplomatic representative added that ‘there was clearly the scope of this social project, carried out by the young people, of families of different social classes, which meant a real attack with pencils, notebooks and books, extended to everywhere and everyone in the island’.

The exhibit created a great interest among participants in the Day on Literacy, and presented the uniform, the notebook and the manual used by the brigade members for teaching.

Cuban Education Minister Ena Elsa Velazquez participated in the sample opening and exchanged with several participants on the experience of Cuba, also emphasizing the importance and the need for a political will to foster the objectives.

According to Buergo the sample was an excellent chance to celebrate ‘the 55th anniversary of such a great social work as the Cuban Revolution is, the Campaign, its historical and social impact, which deserves to be always remembered, and transmitted to the future generations.’

The same way, the event was also ‘a tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, in his 90th birthday.’


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