UNESCO Highlights Results of Celebration in Cuba of Project MOST

Paris, Sep 25 (Prensa Latina) The Deputy Director General of UNESCO, Nada Al Nashif, highlighted the excellent results of the celebration in Cuba School Project MOST, an initiative to promote greater connection between research and public policy, today reported diplomatic sources.

A statement from the Cuban embassy to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said the MOST school took place in the Caribbean nation in July, in coordination with the Cuban National Commission of this agency of the United Nations.

Commenting few days ago the results of the project, the assistant director of UNESCO for Social and Human Sciences welcomed the commitment of the Cuban government and its scientific, educational and research institutions, which made possible the holding of the first MOST School in that country.

‘The meeting was a positive space for exchange and reflection, which contributes to strengthening a culture of leadership, using the knowledge provided by the social sciences and humanities, ‘the statement said.

Cuba’s ambassador to UNESCO, Dulce Buergo highlighted the country’s efforts in the field, as well as satisfaction with the positive results of the project.

In this regard, he mentioned the intention to hold these schools annually, involving researchers and decision makers across the country.

About the MOST project (Program for Management of Social Transformations); the assistant director of UNESCO emphasized its contribution to the process of implementing the Development Agenda 2030.

She mentioned in particular its contribution to the goals aimed at poverty eradication, gender equality, youth participation and contribution to development in its broadest form.

The MOST Program has an Intergovernmental Committee composed of 35 Member States of UNESCO, and Cuba entered this body during the 38th General Conference, in 2015, for a period of four years.


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