UN Rapporteur Rejects Sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela and Iran

United Nations, May 8 (Prensa Latina) UN Special Rapporteur on the Impact of Unilateral Sanctions on Human Rights, Idriss Jazairy, this Wednesday shows great concern about the sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela and Iran.

According to this UN independent expert, political differences among governments should never be solved by inducing economic or humanitarian disasters to the population.

This is what he said about the consequences of the sanctions imposed by the United States on Cuba, Venezuela and Iran.

According to Jazairy, using such economic measures for political purposes violates human rights and international law as they can trigger major humanitarian catastrophes.

Codes of conduct in international relations have never accepted changes of government through economic measures that lead to the denial of human rights and can cause hunger in the population, he insisted.

In the view of this UN rapporteur, real concerns and political differences among governments should never be solved by inducing disasters and making the population hostage to the situation.

Jazairy also referred to the recent activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which allows U.S. citizens to sue Cuban and foreign entities for property nationalized by the Revolution.

This law ignores protests from the European Union and Canada, and directly attacks companies with investments in Cuba, he continued.

On the blockade of assets and transactions in Venezuela, he said it is hard to imagine how, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, such measures can seek to help that people.

Unilateral extraterritorial sanctions clearly violate international law and it is very worrying to see a state uses its power to harm peoples, he pointed out.

Therefore, he called on the international community to foster a constructive dialogue with Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and the United States to find a peaceful solution before the arbitrary use of hunger becomes a new norm.


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