UN General Assembly continues to voice condemnation of US blockade

United Nations, Oct 1 (Prensa Latina) More than 40 countries condemned the United States blockade against Cuban and expressed their solidarity with the Caribbean island during the high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

According to the Cuban Mission to the UN, 43 States from different continents demanded the lifting of blockade, which Washington has imposed for nearly 60 years and which has caused damages of 922.63 billion dollars to the island during that period.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who headed the Cuban delegation to the high-level segment of the UN General Assembly, noted at several events this week that the blockade is the main obstacle to the country’s development.

On speaking in the general debate, Rodriguez stressed that over the past few months, the United States has implemented criminal non-conventional measures to prevent fuel supplies from several markets from reaching Cuba.

As part of these actions, Washington has resorted to threats and persecution of oil tankers and the governments of where they are registered, and shipping and insurance companies, Rodriguez noted.

As a result, Cuba has faced serious difficulties to guarantee the necessary fuel supplies for daily activities, he explained.

Over the past year, he added, the US government has tightened its hostility and blockade: it has imposed additional obstacles to foreign trade and has increased ‘the persecution of our banking-financial relations with the rest of the world.’


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