UN: Cuba Denounces Blockade as an Obstacle to Development

Geneva, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuba denounced before the United Nations in Geneva that the US economic blockade is the main obstacle to fulfill the right of Cuba to development for its own people, said diplomatic sources here today.

In his presentation at the 19th Period of Sessions of the Inter Governmental Working Group on the Right to Development, Cuban representative Pablo Berti assured that the blockade is still being applied against the island, provokes damages and shortages to the Cuban people and is the essential obstacle to the development of Cuban economy.

After explaining that he regarded such a hostile policy as a violation of international rights affecting the interests of all countries, Berti called the international community to keep on supporting Havana in its struggle against the US blockade.

Berti stated that the right to development constitutes a universal and inalienable right, that is corresponded to both the individuals and the peoples: “it is a collective right that we all must enjoy,” he assured.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that “the deep economic crisis that now affects all the nations, its enormous social implications and the unequal exchange in the trade, constitute, among others, some of the main obstacles that on a global scale are an outrage against the achievement of the right to development.”

The Cuban delegate said these obstacles are bringing more and more suffering to billions of persons who still live in conditions of poverty and underdevelopment in places throughout the world.

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