UN Assembly: “It Is a Battle for Peace,” President Maduro Says

“It is a permanent siege” the president pointed out about the U.S. aggressions. | Photo: Twitter/ @PresidencialVE

The President also thanked the UN Secretary-General António Guterres and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet for their request to lift immediately the coercive and unilateral measures taken against the country. 

Sept 23 (teleSUR) More than 30 billion dollars have been snatched, frozen, and kidnapped from accounts in the United States and Europe. Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro denounced this practice on Wednesday during his speech to the 75th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (U.N.).

“Venezuela has prepared to overcome the U.S. blockade; it is a battle for peace, for the homeland, for the region, for humanity, where our heroic people have assumed, as in the past, their historical role in the face of the ignominy of the most dangerous empire in universal history,” Maduro assured.

The President also thanked the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, for their request to lift immediately the coercive and unilateral measures taken against the country. These measures not only violate the Charter of the United Nations but difficult access to vital raw materials for Venezuelans.

“We ratify that Venezuela is preparing to resist this offensive of criminal and inhuman aggression. We have prepared ourselves to overcome this U.S. blockade; it is a battle for our people, peace, and our region,” Maduro confirmed.

The leader also recalled the failed coup attempt of May 3, 2020, organized by the U.S. with the support of Colombia. More recently, Venezuela’s intelligence captured a U.S. spy with weaponry and documents linked to the oil and electricity industry. “It is a permanent siege,” the President pointed out.

On the other hand, Maduro proposed the creation of a revolving fund as well as a bank of free technologies for countries, especially developing ones, to support each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“From Venezuela, we call to deepen the achievements made in the U.N. to advance towards new objectives. Let us generate its renewal that allows the world to face the complex crisis of the pandemic, climate change, and the need to advance towards sustainable development.”

“We propose the creation of a revolving fund for public purchases in the United Nations system to guarantee access to food and medicine financed with public resources, this will allow us to face discrimination and the economic blockade against countries,” the President said.

“The role of the U.N. must be an example of multilateralism that we must reinforce, and the World Health Organization (WHO) must act and speak faithfully, without bending to pressure and extortion from the powerful,” Maduro added.

Regarding the December 6 legislative elections, the President invited international observers once more to participate in the process and verify its legitimacy. “In Venezuela, there are guarantees to hold the elections; we already invited the world to join us,” the leader recalled.

Maduro also explained that “in the interests of reconciliation and the achievements made in the Dialogue Table with the political forces, measures were taken in favor of democracy. Recently, 110 citizens belonging to right-wing groups were pardoned and prosecuted for crimes related to crimes of aggression. against our country.”

As the country has allocated most of its resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the President highlighted that hundreds of migrants are voluntarily returning from countries like Colombia; Ecuador, Peru; Chile, and Brazil, looking for safe living conditions.


“In faithful compliance with the Constitution and our right to self-determination, next December # 6, we will renew the Legislative Power. A democratic process that has all the guarantees for the people to exercise their sovereignty and elect their new deputies.”

Those migrants have endured the systematic violation of human rights, anachronistic and xenophobic policies even from branches of some governments; discrimination; mistreatment; lack of socio-economic conditions; semi-slavery situation; human trafficking, and more. Hence, the President urged the U.N. to review the role organizations such as the U.N. Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migrations have been playing. 

Maduro pointed out that “Venezuela is one of the few countries to apply free and differentiated treatments for detected, mild, moderate, severe, and asymptomatic cases.”

“We have avoided the worst, despite the catastrophic plans and wishes of those who attack us. Neither the illegal blockade nor the attacks against our Government have prevented us from meeting our goals. We have applied close to 1,900,000 free tests per million inhabitants; we are the country that has done the most tests to its people,” Maduro explained.

The President also condemned the criminal U.S. blockade against Cuba and warned that “the U.S. stopped taking a propositional position to lead erratically under an intransigent and estranged government with diplomacy and high policy that despises multilateralism or any kind of pre-existing global rule.” 

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