UK Unions Denounce U.S. Blockade Against Cuba

London, Nov 2 ( Prensa Latina ) Representatives of several labor unions from the United Kingdom denounced here on Saturday the unilateral blockade he United States has been enforcing against Cuba for more than 50 years.

How dare the United States preach about democracy and human rights while maintaining its illegal blockade against Cuba, the secretary general of Unite the Union, Len McCluskey, questioned in his speech to the conference on solidarity with Cuba organized by British unions.

After pointing out that Cuba is facing an unprecedented economic attack, the union leader stressed that the unilateral measure imposed by Washington since 1962 has cost hundreds of billions of dollars to the Cuban people and government.

Bernard Reagan, former secretary general of the National Union of Educators of the United Kingdom, also denounced the enormous economic losses suffered by Cuba as a result of the U.S. blockade.

He highlighted the pressures now exerted by Washington to prevent Venezuelan oil from reaching the island.

All the speakers agreed to emphasize that despite the growing hostility and pressure from the United States, Cuba maintains its solidarity with nations of the world.

In particular, they praised sending doctors to places affected by natural disasters or epidemics such as Ebola.

The event took place at the headquarters of the National Union of Education in London, with the participation of Cuban union leaders specially invited for the occasio.


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