U.S. Youngsters Satisfied to Know Cuba

jovenes-eeuu1HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 30 (acn) A group of U.S. youngsters, members of the 46th contingent of the Venceremos Brigade, expressed their satisfaction to know Cuba and be able to change the image they had of the island.

They arrived in Cuba on July 19, and have been visiting places of historic and cultural interest in the province of Sancti Spiritus since Wednesday and will stay there until Friday.

Josmar Rojas told ACN that he was really looking forward to come to Cuba to see how its people and work are, because in the United States lies are told in some media outlets as well as by circles of persons who have a real aversion to the island.

My mother always tells me that what some people comment about the extreme poverty and anguish experienced in Cuba is not true, and she’s right, because these days I have corroborated it is a lie, asserted Rojas.

Cuba, he added, has made progress in public health and education, in spite of the blockade imposed by the U.S. government for over five decades now; that is the reason why I will tell the truth when I return.

This is the second time I come to Cuba, said Heidi Lopez, who felt encouraged to do so in this opportunity to appreciate the situation in a time of changes for the better, because you are doing new things in favor of the economy and society, she emphasized.

This is not a tourism trip, but one of solidarity, she added, and then concluded sententiously: “Cubans are humble and generous; that’s why I want to see the blockade lifted, so they can progress more in all spheres of life.”

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