U.S. University Looks to Promote Cooperation with Cuba

Varadero, Cuba, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) U.S. University of Southern Illinois expressed today its interest in promoting cooperation with Cuban institutions, both from a commercial and research points of view.

This was confirmed by Jim Garvey, Vice Deacon of the Faculty of Research of the Southern Illinois University (SIU), who heads the delegation of that high study center participating in the international congress Biotechnology Havana 2017.

We have been traveling to Cuba since 1999, when 42 of our specialists visited this nation, After that first exchange, many Cuban researchers have visited our institution, not only to enrich the dialogue, but to advance in collaboration, Garvey told Prensa Latina.

The scientist explained the academic entity he represents is very interested in benefitting from Cuban biotechnology linked to the development of vaccines and food supplement products for animals.

Garvey informed that the SIU has developed a very important structure for the Caribbean island; an example of this is the creation of Cuba and the Caribbean department, with professors who have traveled half a dozen times to the island.

That is why the U.S. institution finds it is a very opportune moment to materialize cooperation projects.

The SIU is among the best 200 universities of the United States in the field of research, with an annual budget of some 76 million dollars. That position stands out if it is considered that the U.S. has about three thousand high education centers.

According to Garvey, Illinois is a state rich in coal, reason why most of the research of the SIU is linked to the use of that mineral to produce, gasoline, plastics and fertilizers.

That academic institution is also leader in the development of technologies for the use of coal and at present is exploring other solutions to progressively dismiss the use of that mineral as primary fuel, for which it has a budget of 4.6 million dollars.

Equally, it gives priority to research projects in agriculture and the environment; health and social justice.

Biotechnology is an important branch, with significant advances in the development of modern agricultural systems, engineering and the improvement of plants.

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