U.S. Pushes UN Security Council to Attack Nicaragua

United Nations, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) The proposal by the US to discuss the Nicaragua issue in the Security Council was left without consensus today and the agenda will be implemented unilaterally by the northern delegation, which chairs the body this month.

China, Russia, Bolivia and Ethiopia refused to include a meeting dedicated to Nicaragua, considering the situation there does not pose a threat to international peace and security.

Addressing the issue in the UN Security Council will undermine peace efforts in the Central American country, the representatives said.

Others such as Equatorial Guinea and Kuwait also expressed reservations and noted that this is not the time to discuss this issue, as well as to discuss Iran.

Despite opposition from a number of Council members, the United States decided to proceed with its program of work, although it was not adopted by consensus, as is customary in the 15-member body.

The previous week, the Government of Managua had rejected a report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the protests in Nicaragua from April 18 to August 18, describing it as biased.

According to the authorities, this report takes as a reference news published by adverse media and other sources, with information that is intended to be given for certain without being previously investigated and verified.

They also reiterated the denunciation that the coup plotters disrespected the right to life, personal integrity, free movement, work,health, education and citizen security of the people in general, as well as damaging the economy.

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