U.S. Paid Agent Publicly Unmasked in Cuba

Havana, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuban television broadcast a report today about counter-revolutionary José Daniel Ferrer, designated as a salaried agent at the service of the United States, and who that country intends to present as a political prisoner.

The screened material presented evidence of a long history of provocative actions against public order and legality in Cuba, as well as physical aggressions against citizens by the accused.

The campaign orchestrated from the northern country, tries to present him as a victim and accuse Cuban authorities of violating his rights.

Ferrer was arrested on October 1, along with three other individuals, and is awaiting trial, in response to the complaint filed by a citizen who accuses them of kidnapping and giving him a severe beating for which he had to be hospitalized.

Other people denounced him as a violent person and accuse him before the cameras of having been victims of his aggressive nature, as well as robbery and scams.

The images transmitted by television show the treatment given to this case by the mainstream media and social networks, used as a platform for manipulation and lies, from which it is stated that Ferrer is being held without charges, isolated, physically assaulted, and without access to health treatment.

However, the defendant has had family visits and does not present any evidence of abuse in videos shown in TV.

According to the report, the head of the US diplomatic mission in Cuba, Mara Tekach, who is shown in images visiting Ferrer’s house, next to his wife, personally directs that citizen, and incites him to contempt of law enforcement.

Ferrer’s wife says, in a video recorded with Tekach for social networks, that her spouse had lost more than half of his body’s weight, as well as his muscular strength and vision, and has been beaten, is without medication or medical attention, something that images totally deny.

Dr. Yaro Sánchez, who attends him, said in statements made on November 22 that Ferrer has a good general state of health, feeds well, and maintains an appropriate weight for his size.

A complaint published last November 20 in the Granma newspaper states that before his activity at the service of the US government, Ferrer had a criminal trajectory and violent behavior totally absent from political motivations.

It is not new for the US administration to use people of these characteristics for its subversive political activity and for discredit campaigns with unscrupulous support from the mainstream media, the text said.


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