U.S. Interference in Cuba, Latin America Denounced at UN

United Nations, Nov 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez rejected on Thursday the interventionist and confrontational policies promoted by the U.S. government in Latin American countries such Venezuela and Nicaragua.

According to the UN General Assembly, the escalating pronouncements, acts and threats of Washington against Cuba have no other objective than to lead to a climate of tension.

But in this plot, he said, are increasingly visible the characters who have a long history of conspiracy to cause bilateral crises.

‘The U.S. administration also tries to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela by force, uses a brutal campaign of defamation and military threat against it, while calling for violence and the coup d’état. On the other hand, it intervenes and tries to destabilize Nicaragua, and acts of interference in the internal affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia,’ said the Cuban Foreign Minister.

Cuba’s Foreign Minister called attention to how the U.S. Government intervenes in the electoral processes and in the internal affairs of most of the countries of the planet.

‘The serious international problems are exacerbated at a time of growing threats to international peace and security, the proliferation of unconventional wars, gross violations of the sovereignty of entire countries, and policies of domination through the use of force,’ he warned.

‘Cuba continues its disposition for peaceful coexistence, within the deep differences with the United States’ government, based on mutual respect, sovereign equality and the benefit of both peoples. There is no place , and there will never be a place for the intrusion of a foreign power,’ he stressed.

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