U.S.-Cuba-Terrorism: Devastating Blow

A lie crawled for more than 30 years has just received a very sensitive stab.   What is this lie? To present Cuba over and over again as a country bound to international terrorism.

It began in 1982, when under the republican far-right government of President Ronald Reagan they manufactured a “list” and included Cuba in it.

Who self-claim that right? Perhaps the United Nations Organization (UN)? Any other international entity?

No, it was the Department of State of Washington.

Ever since, the repeated propagandistic campaigns against Cuba have pinned it with this crime.

What objectives pursued? To smear its prestige and cut it off from the rest of the world community, as well as to cripple its credibility in this regard.

But also to rationalize in some way the economic, financial, and commercial blockade against the island.

However, last Tuesday, the democrat President Barack Obama, of humble and black origin, decided to de-list Cuba.

Information from the Associated Press (AP) posted on Twitter of the White House where he referred the abovementioned.

That agency highlighted that this is “a key” step in the leader’s attempt to normalize relationships between the two countries.

Before, the Department of State had analyzed the topic and suggested to move forward with what the de-listing.

AP wrote that the United States had ceased to connect the Caribbean nation with the accusation of supporting terrorism.

Washington included other three countries that are still in the list: Iran, Sudan, and Syria.

Obama announced last December 17 that steps were given to normalize bilateral relationships with Havana.

Cuba had previously manifested its disposition to a respectful dialogue and equality of conditions.

But analysts who have followed the Cuban-American relationships for years highlighted an interesting angle.

If Cuba is de-listed the lies about Cuba would be even more exposed. Lies that for more than fifty years have been fed to the world by the U.S.

It would corroborate the existence of a dirty politic started soon after the triumph of the Revolution in January 1959 and kept until today.

Therefore, for example, in those first days they talked about the execution in a “blood bath” against “opponents”, without mentioning they were trials and sanctions against murderers and torturers of the recently overthrown tyranny.

After systematic campaigns, like when they distributed a false Law of Patria Potestas that supposedly would snatch children from their parents.

Thanks to that the CIA with the help of its accomplices in Cuba and Florida made possible that nearly 14 000 Cuban children were flown alone to Miami and other places.

After that they manufactured with great care their favorite story: the Human Rights violation in Cuba.

The most completed by-product of this lie has been the repression against “dissidents” who are actually agents publicly paid from Washington.

Their scandalous riots for money were witnessed, when he was senator, by the current Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Once they were to the extent that the High Chamber was forced to “freeze” them 20 million dollars supposedly dedicated to the fight for freedom.

Later on they invented a campaign on infantile prostitution linked to tourism and other inventions of the sort.

Closer in time is the hammering regarding the supposed out of proportion Cuba’s influence in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, as real as the Caracas’ threat to the national security of the United States.

Accomplices of those propagandistic wades have been figures with the tiniest sense on ethics and decency.

Firstly the senator presidential-candidate Marco Rubio, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and their relative Mario Díaz-Balart, Bob Menéndez (criminal in the crosshairs) and David Rivera, a bandit former representative in the Low Chamber.

After the blow taken this Tuesday with their list of terrorism, who will dare to throw new darts on Human Rights violation in Cuba?

We will see how far the playfulness gets of those scratched in this unfinished process.

Nicanor León Cotayo, CubaSi
April 15, 2015

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