U.S. Company of only One Cruiser starts Traveling to Cuba

Havana, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) The small U.S. company Victory Cruise Lines of only one ship received the approval to navigate to Cuba, to the ports of Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago and María La Gorda, informed today a digital source.

El boletín Caribbean News Digital published this Friday in its most recent edition that the firm will use his only cruiser of 202 passengers to transport visitors from the U.S. to this archipelago.

The website writes it interviewed thru e-mail the president and CEO of Victory Cruise Lines, Bruce Nierenberg, who gave those details.

He added that being a small shipping company, they look for docks in smaller and less visited ports and thus, they can fit in all the terminals of the island, capable of receiving cruiser products.

This statement transcends after the declarations of U.S. president, Donald Trump, who last week emitted his new Cuba policy, including tourist restrictions.

Nierenberg said they will work in close collaboration with Cuban authorities to find the best combination of ports and cruiser stretches.

Last Friday, Trump said he would repress independent trips to Cuba, but the majority of cruiser lines navigating to Cuba would be able to continue doing so, recalls the note of Caribbean News Digital.

Even Nierenberg said the statements of the U.S, president would benefit his line.

He sentenced the fact to include land excursions in the price of the trip, will ensure his passengers comply with U.S. regulations.

However, some observers appreciate as key issues that many U.S. companies look for the way to go round Trump’s mistaken decisions, above all, in trade and tourism.

Victory Cruise Lines emerged from the ashes of Haimark, which filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2015, when Nierenberg used to work there and the boat Victory I was the ex Saint Laurent.

Since its presentation in 2016, the line sails mainly in the Big Lakes area.

The line planned to start cruiser trips to Cuba last year, but did not receive the required approval until now, says the executive.

The company still lacks a precise date to start its cruises to Cuba, said the executive, who traveled this week to Havana to determine details.

The boat will sail from Miami, with the objective of establishing 14-day trips and sail around the island, always according to the digital newsletter.


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