U.S. Blockade Targets Cuban Health, Says Report

Havana, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) Between April 2018 and March 2019, the damage caused by the U.S. blockade to Cuba’s health sector totaled more than 104 million dollars.

This is stated in the island’s report on UN General Assembly resolution 73/8 entitled ‘Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba’.

The report, presented Friday by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, cites concrete examples of how the encirclement policy exercised by Washington for almost six decades has a negative impact on the health of Cubans.

The document refers to the fact that in the period indicated the company Medicuba S.A. made requests to 57 US companies in order to acquire inputs necessary for the health system of the island.

To date, 50 of these companies have not responded and three alleged that because of the blockade regulations they cannot sell any medicine or medical equipment to Cuba.

Promega Corporation, manufacturer of products used in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, responded to Medicuba’s request:

‘…the U.S. Treasury Department applies trade sanctions that prohibit U.S.-based industries from selling products and providing technology and/or services to Cuba,’ says the report.

Negative were the efforts to buy medicines and supplies for the treatment of various types of cancer, with even fatal implications for some patients on the island, the document stresses.

He added that on February 26, several providers informed Medicuba they could not deliver contracted pulmonary ventilators.

They argued the manufacturers had been bought-out by Vyaire Medical, an Illinois-based company.

Pulmonary ventilators are used to mechanically assist patients when spontaneous pulmonary ventilation endangers life.

During the same period, Cuban health professionals did not obtain visas or received them at the wrong time to participate in meetings, scientific events and academic exchanges held in the United States, according to the text that will be presented on November 6 before the highest representative organization of the United Nations.


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