Trump Could Unleash a Global Economic Crisis, La Jornada Warns

Mexico, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) President Donald Trump’s obsession with demonstrating force can unleash a global economic crisis, La Jornada newspaper affirms today.

In his article entitled Trump, sower of storms, the newspaper criticizes the unilateral decision of Washington to double the tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from Turkey.

It stresses that this precipitated the fall of the Turkish lira, accelerated the capital flight of the Eurasian nation and dragged the world’s stock markets to the currencies of emerging economies -including the Mexican peso, which reached its lowest value in three weeks- and the European banks with the largest share in the Turkish financial market.

Beyond the differences between both NATO allies, the question of the chaos generated in global finances by the White House’s design persists to alter, in a few months and by means of decrees, the system of exchanges – free trade – promoted and imposed by Washington itself over the past four decades, the article adds.

It mentions in this regard the tariff escalation launched against China, the unilateral rupture of the nuclear pact signed with Iran and the consequent return of illegal sanctions against this nation, and ‘the succession of insolence towards our country that has characterized the process of renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.’

It concludes that these are signs of Trump’s total indifference towards the repercussions, even for his own country, of destabilizing the global economy for the satisfaction of personal whims or as an escape valve from internal problems.

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