Trump and Cuba should start dialogue: Mississippi governor says

Image result for the state of mississippiBy Sarah Marsh HAVANA (Reuters) April 19, 2017 – The Trump administration and the Cuban government need to start a dialogue, the Republican governor of Mississippi said on Wednesday during a trip to the Communist-led island to scout trade opportunities for his state.

“That’s the first step: trying to get that dialogue going in a very positive manner,” Phil Bryant said in an interview, adding that he had found his trip “encouraging.”

Cuba watchers are looking closely for signs of how President Donald Trump will deal with the country, given he threatened during his campaign to roll back the fragile detente between the Untied States and Cuba, former Cold War foes.

The White House is undertaking a “full review” of America’s foreign policy toward Cuba, press secretary Sean Spicer said in February.

The governor, who had just met with Cuba’s trade minister, said it was key “not let too much of the political conditions in the United States become overwhelming.”

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