Tribute to Fidel Castro Have Impact in French Media

Paris, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) The tribute given to Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, in Havana has had a large impact today in French media, in which the mass assistance of the people to the Revolution Square has been highlighted.

‘Havana has said goodbye to his Commander Fidel Castro,’ headlines Le Monde newspaper, which highlighted the presence of ‘hundreds of thousands of Cubans mobilized in a great ceremony.’

The press also highlighted the assistance of many Latin American leaders who ‘joined their voices to call for perpetuating Fidel’s legacy.’

Le Point newspaper quoted several speeches by the attending presidents, such as that of Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, who stated that ‘He does not leave, he stays here, invincible among us, acquitted, totally acquitted by history’.

The newspaper also reviewed the words by Ecuadorian head of State, Rafael Correa, who said ‘Fidel and Cuba changed the world’.

Several publications also highlight the speech by Cuban President, Raul Castro, and particularly when he told Fidel: ‘Hasta la victoria siempre ‘.


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