Travelucion to begin offering private excursions in Cuba run by self employed Cubans

Travelucion is embracing Cuba’s private employment sector by beginning to offer excursions and tours organized by Cuban entrepreneurs and those working for themselves. Previously all excursions in Cuba were offered exclusively by government run businesses. Recent changes allow Cubans to open, run and own their businesses in multiple sectors, one of which is the private tour guide realm. Travelucion added 300 private homes recently and is currently adding a further 3700 to its proprietary booking system. The addition of privately run excursions and tours will further stimulate Cuba’s private sector and economy. Cubans are highly educated, many speaking as many as 4 languages fluently, this makes offering self employed tour guides a benefit to both visitors and Cuba’s fledgling private economy. Many of the hand-picked guides have their own vehicles, including American classics.

Staff, Travelucion

July 18, 2016

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