Trade, Tourism Revive in Nicaragua after Wave of Violence

Managua, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) The revival of trade and tourism, as well as the rehabilitation of infrastructure and areas damaged by the wave of violence in Nicaragua, have made steady progress, reported today the National Institute of Municipal Development (INIFOM).

About 97 percent of local businesses (15,451) have resumed their work, after more than three months of instability in the country, as a result of an attempted coup d’état, according to the government.

The situation has also improved in tourist destinations such as El Mirador de Catarina, the beaches of San Juan del Sur, and Masaya and Granada, with the arrival of thousands of visitors during the last week, according to the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR).

The municipal mayor’s offices are implementing strategies to reactivate services provided to national and foreign tourists as soon as possible, with the aim of attracting more visitors and generating economic dynamism.

In this sense, they are developing measures to support owners of shops and services, such as bars, furniture stores, small craftsmen, restaurants, leather and footwear, among others, for their quick recovery, explained the executive president of INIFOM, Guiomar Irias.

At the same time, they are making progress in rehabilitating streets in municipalities affected by violence and redesigning destroyed, burned or looted public buildings, which may be ready between August and September, according to the source.

In coordination with local governments, they have also continued delivering social impact projects to help families improve their living standards and restore their rights, such as access to drinking water, health, education, recreation, road infrastructure as well as rainwater drainage.

Last week the institution reported that 70 percent of the roads and highways had been rehabilitated, allowing for better circulation in the country, the start of national production and the reactivation of commercial activity, interrupted by the outbreak of the socio-political crisis on April 18.

The Nicaraguan Vice President, Rosario Murillo, highlighted the progress made in the recovery of peace and security in the national territory, noting the influx this weekend of people at fairs, markets, and recreation sites, showing the gradual return to normality in most cities and neighborhoods.

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