Tourism Investments in Cuba Attract Italian Companies

Havana, Apr 6 (prensa Latina) Tourism investments in Cuba generate an important market for material construction producers and dealers, assured today a representative of the Fassa Bortolo Italian company, Giuseppe Gasparotto.

Considered one of the main ones of its sector in Europe, the firm has been selling materials to Cuba for the past four years, and now takes advantage of the celebration here of the International Construction Fair (Fecos 2018) to showcase their offers.

The sample of Fassa Bortolo in the Havana Pabexpo compound stands out for the diversity of mortars, including self-leveling and anchoring, noted the representative.

According to him, the entity is interested in the assembly in Cuba of a plant to manufacture construction and waterproofing mortars, taking into account the current and prospective boom of the facilities in the tourism branch. Gasparotto considered that the company registers favorable balances in this Caribbean nation, when being included in the portfolio of habitual suppliers, although ‘the competition is becoming stronger’.

In the second half of May, he announced, our technicians will hold a demonstration workshop on the application of products in an area of the capital’s waterfront, thinking that the Office of the Historian of Havana could be a potential client.

Consortiums from Spain, Italy, Mexico and other countries are present today in the turn of construction in Cuba, and ‘we want prospective buyers to check with their own eyes the quality of our proposals,’ he pointed out.

According to the official, Fassa Bortolo is interested in offering instructions to native workers to master the technology, and ‘we could use part of our commercial profits in donations of materials with a view to repair sports facilities in the country.’

Fecons 2018 will end this Friday after almost a week of exchange between producers and marketing, design, construction companies and investors, in a scenario with more than 4,000 square meters of exhibition area.

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