Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Cuba

Discover the beauty of Cuban landscape in this selection of the island’s most interesting landmarks. Spectacular scenery, pristine beaches, colonial cities, mangrove forests and Caribbean islands – Cuba has it all. brings a list of the seven most remarkable tourist attractions in Cuba.

7. Baracoa

Although it is not one of the most popular tourist sites in Cuba, Baracoa’s appeal lies in its natural landscapes as well as rides on the Toa River and its waterfalls, its tropical forests, the open sea, and the El Yunque mountains.

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While its main interest is ecotourism activities linked to its natural environment, the city is also fascinating because of its forts built on the foothills of the mountains and its picturesque historical center dominated by wooden structures, balconies and portals.

6. Cienfuegos

Dubbed the Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities and tourist attractions in Cuba, noted for its elegant French-influenced architecture set in a beautiful historical center which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other attractions in Cienfuegos include its coastline bathed by the Caribbean Sea, with beaches like Rancho Luna and its impressive coral columns, a true marine maze where you can do snorkeling and scuba diving.

5. Jardines del Rey

A group of cays or small islands that form the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, surrounded by idyllic landscapes of tropical vegetation, exotic birds, coral reefs, white sand and turquoise waters.

Cayo Coco, the most touristy of the islands, has most of the hotel infrastructure. It is captivating with its 22 kilometers of beaches surrounded by coconut palms and mangroves. Cayo Guillermo, which is smaller and less developed with respect to tourism, is however considered the most beautiful of the islands, with the highest sand dunes in the Caribbean and almost virgin beaches that are among the most beautiful ones in Cuba.

4. Trinidad

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this city is one of the tourist sites in Cuba that has best preserved its architecture. It is fascinating because of its colonial appearance which makes it seem frozen in time, with beautiful churches, stately mansions, squares and cobbled streets.

Elements of the natural environment, such as the coral reefs of Playa Ancón or the lush vegetation of the river gorges of the Escambray Mountains, complement the attractions of this attraction, in areas where mangrove forests and the biodiversity of tropical flora and fauna abound.

3. Santiago de Cuba

Known as the Capital of the Caribbean, it is the country’s second most important city, featuring beautiful colonial architecture and stepped streets making their way through the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Maestra.

Its two UNESCO World Heritage sites are some of the most popular and unique tourist attractions in Cuba: the archaeological landscape of the first coffee plantations as the only vestige of a pioneering form of agriculture, and the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, considered the most complete and best preserved example of Spanish military architecture in America.

2. Varadero

More than 20 kilometers of idyllic beaches have made Varadero one of the most world-renowned tourist sites in Cuba, with its mesmerizing coastline filled with white sand that looks like talcum powder, warm, clear water, lush vegetation all around, sun throughout the year and exceptional hotel infrastructure.

A paradise for snorkeling and scuba-diving fans, Varadero is also fascinating because of its extraordinary marine biodiversity. It is home to unique places such as Playa el Coral or the huge sea cave “Hoyo Azul Ojo del Mégano” [Blue Hole, Eye of the Mégano], where you can do deep diving surrounded by different types of coral, mollusks and multi-colored fish.

1. Havana

The City of Havana is the island’s capital. Since the time of its founding in 1519, the city became the main commercial, economic and communication center due to its ideal location facing the Florida Straits and its magnificent bay.

Today the city is the main destination for tourism on the island because of its centuries-old history, its superb beaches, incredible cultural wealth featuring the colonial center of Old Havana and its mix of architectural styles. Old Havana is the finest example of colonial architecture on the island and throughout the Caribbean and thus it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cuba.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 in order to preserve its architecture and historical heritage, Old Havana has preserved many of the most beautiful and important squares, buildings, historical monuments, museums and fortresses from the island’s colonial past., May 30, 2016





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