Time for Self-Proclaimed, Pro-Coup Supporters Is Over in Venezuela

Caracas, May 29 (Prensa Latina) President Nicolas Maduro said that the time for self-proclaimed and pro-coup supporters of a foreign intervention in the country is over in Venezuela today.

On a radio and television broadcast, the head of State assured on Tuesday that he keeps his bet on the vote to recover the spaces of the National Assembly (AN), the Parliament in contempt since 2016.

He recalled that the legislature is the scenario used by the right wing to support destabilizing actions in the country.

‘We will prepare the people with all their spirit, their machinery; whoever may be sad or dissatisfied, be happy and raise the spirit, because we have to serve justice with the vote and sooner than later to recover the AN,’ Maduro stressed.

The president deplored the serious problems caused by the opposition after winning the parliamentary elections in 2015, which gave it a circumstantial majority of seats in the Legislative Power.

Since then, the problems worsened due to the right-wing lawmakers’ complicity with the US Government’s interference in the attack on the national economy, the president went on to say.

‘Let us prepare for June and soon for December and later for 2020, the period for which we were waiting to pull out the thorn of that defeat at the National Assembly that the country has paid at such a high price,’ Maduro underlined.


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