Tightened US Sanctions against Cuba Reflect Obsession, Hate

Pretoria, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Nicholas Wolpe, Chief Executive of Liliesleaf, a heritage site honoring the South African struggle against apartheid, noted on Thursday that the tightening of US sanctions against Cuba reflects the shift to the right in Washington.

The measures taken by the Trump administration are based on an obsession dictated by nationalist policies and hate, which the US reflects in its relations with the world, Wope said in statements to Prensa Latina.

The Liliesleaf CEO expressed that there are no grounds for these attacks, since Cuba does not represent a threat to the US, and stressed that Trump is unaware of the need to work together with the island for a common goal.

Washington’s acts against Cuba are punitive, lack grounds and merit, and do not rely on political sense. ‘There is no rational explanation for these measures,’ he assured.

Wolpe criticized the US President for not following the steps of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who showed the will to solve the dispute between the two neighboring States with the reestablishment of diplomatic relations and the start of talks on several issues of bilateral interest.

By increasing pressures on Cuba, the US administration seeks to destabilize that nation and follow a pattern adopted since the revolutionary triumph of January 1st, 1959, which has failed to achieve its aim, he stressed.


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