This Photo Of Malia Obama Translating For Her Father In Cuba Is Breaking The Internet (IMAGES)

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 7.23.07 AMThis iconic picture of Malia Obama interpreting Spanish for her father during the first family’s historic trip to Cuba is breaking the internet!

Malia, the oldest daughter of President Barack Obama, has been studying Spanish in school and it has come in very handy while they have been in Latin America. In the picture, the 17-year-old Malia translates as the two talk and laugh with Spanish-speaking Cubans in a local restaurant.

The picture was posted to Instagram by Pete Souza, who is the Chief Official White House Photographer. The caption that accompanied this picture when he posted it read:

The President and Malia share a laugh as Malia translates Spanish to English for her dad at a restaurant in Old Havana.

Pete Souza has done a wonderful job capturing the Obamas’ historic visit on film for posterity and has shared several photos on his social media account, which gives us a glimpse into the lives of this beautiful family. Besides the image of Malia translating for her father, he also shared this photo of the First Lady with both of her daughters at La Catedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Inmaculada in Old Havana.

Obama is the first sitting President of the United States to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years, and the historic trip officially marks the beginning of renewed relations with Cuba. An agreement to normalize relations was reached in 2014 after secret talks between the two countries. He was welcomed to the country by Cuban President Raúl Castro. Although the meeting was friendly, there were some topics of contention among the two.

President Obama said that he and Castro “continue to have some very serious differences, including on democracy and human rights,” while Castro accused the U.S. of “political manipulation” and having “double standards of human rights.” Nevertheless, both leaders are moving forward in spite of these differences.

However, there are issues the two leaders agree on, such as curbing drug trafficking and fighting the spread of the Zika virus. While Obama is calling for democracy in Cuba, Castro is pressuring the United States to end the 54-year-old trade embargo, saying the only way to normalize relations is for the embargo to be lifted.

Posted by April Hamlin, Winning Democrats

March 22, 2016

Featured image via Pete Souza



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