The Voice of Cuba at the VII Summit of Americas

The Voice of Cuba at the VII Summit of Americas

By Angélica Paredes Lópes

April 4 (Radio Rebelde) Cuba became the then main piece of news at the VII Summit of Americas on April 2015 in Panama and not only due to the its presence there thanks to the popular demand of the nations of the region after two decades of exclusion but also it was because Cuba excelled through all the venues of the regional event.

At that high-level event, the Cuban president Raúl Castro delivered a historical speech that was applauded several times at the Atapla Convention center that caused a huge repercussion in the local and international mass media.

Other voices which were listened to at that event where the then Argetinian president Cristina Fernández moved many people when she said that the triumph of the Cuban Revolution was the fact that we were living here and she reminded all that Cuba had triumphed due to its struggle and an unprecedented dignity due to its people’s resistance and because they have had leaders who have not given up, let alone betrayed its people.

In the then Summit of the Peoples event which was carried out at the Paraninfo University of Panama, Cuba also made clear that it would not fail to the Latin American peoples.

Over two thousand journalists were accredited for the VII Summit of Americas event and even though the immense majority of the mass media were from the Latin American mainland, there were other world news and television agencies which were at the Panamanian capital.

The Voice of Cuba at the VII Summit of Americas

Although they had diverse approaches and editorial policies, the Press mass media had a common objective that was reporting on this historical hemisphereic event in which Cuba participated for the first time and the meeting held by the presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama.

The presence of Cuba in that high-level event of the Summit of Americas was historic. However, the most difficult situation was faced by Cuban intellectuals, artists, young people, workers and the genuine representation our people who attended the Forum of Civil Society.

With the complete complicity of organizers of that parallel event to that hemispheric summit, paid mercenaries linked to international terrorism tried to boycott the participation of Cuba.

With great ethical and political character, the Cuban delegation faced the provocations carried out by the counterrevolutionaries of Cuban and Venezuelan origin as well as the related mass media show that was set to confuse international public opinion.

The Voice of Cuba at the VII Summit of Americas

The Cuban people were in Panama and those of us who carried out journalistic coverage of the Summit returned convinced that the presence of Cuba marked a before and after for this mechanism summits.

In Panama, Cuba was not alone, as a wave of solidarity by various nations from the region accompanied Cuba during those many days.
The VII Summit of Americas, which was held in Panama, was regarded as historic, taking into account that all the nations attended for the first time of that type of event. The president Raúl Castro was there with the same rights as all others.

The Voice of Cuba at the VII Summit of Americas

For Cuba principles, dignity and morality are the main guidelines of its politics and we have already seen how powerful our weapons are.

It is abundantly obvious that the Cuban presence in that hemispheric event was an act of justice for Cuba and its government as recognition to the resistance of the nation for decades to obstacles of all kinds, without ceding an inch of sovereignty or independence.

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