The US denies visa to Cuban entrepreneurs

Cuba Headlines 4/23/2016 | Florida International University (FIU) has selected a group of 25 self-employed Cubans entrepreneurs to participate in training courses in business management and other subjects related to the management of private businesses, from next May 20.
Through the FIU program InCubando, young entrepreneurs of the island have the opportunity to access a training for their small business, something perfectly in line with the new guidelines of the US government towards Cuba: to empower the Cuban people by supporting the non-state sector of the economy.
However, the newly opened US Embassy in Havana has denied visas to more than half of those participants approved to be part of this important course, which has provoked a quick response from some of them.
Cuban lawyer and entrepreneur Belkis Maura Duarte wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama, in her and her colleagues behalf.

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