The People Of Venezuela Speak Out

Feeling a little confused about the current situation in Venezuela with all the information floating around in corporate media?

Check out these interviews by Tatuy TV, community TV station in Mérida state, exclusively for

By TatuyTV-Venezuelanalysis.comFeb 3rd 2019 at 10.28pm

Tatuy TV:  Who is president of Venezuela and what makes him legitimate?

Tatuy TV:  Why do the US and allied countries recognize Guaido?

Tatuy TV:  Will the 20 million dollars in US “humanitarian aid” help Venezuela recover from its current economic situation?

Tatuy TV:   How do you see things developing internally in Venezuela over the next few days?

Tatuy TV:  Can you describe the best case and worst case scenarios for Venezuela under the current circumstances?

Tatuy TV:   What concrete actions are the Venezuelan people taking in order to defend the national sovereignty of their country?

Translation and subtitles by

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