The New York Times Highlights Album by Cuba’s Septeto Santiaguero

Santiago de Cuba, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The New York Times today highlights the quality of the album “No Quiero Llanto-Tributo a Los Compadres”, the latest by the Cuban group Septeto Santiaguero, produced with Dominican singer Jose Alberto El Canario.

The newspaper refers to the phonogram tribute to the popular Cuban duo of singers who made history in Cuba in the 50’s and highlights the technical perfection of that album, revitalizing traditional music and which involved singers of remarkable national and international importance as guests.

Fernando Dewar, tres player and director of the Cuban group, who was the producer of the CD, expressed satisfaction for that information in the US newspaper, which has become an incentive for the promotion of a joint work that paves the way to global recognition.

He praised mainly that the album is considered a contribution to the roots and the most authentic of the Cuban music, to which the Septeto Santiaguero has contributed in his 20 years of dedication.

The review mentions the first work by Jose Alberto El Canario in Cuba, in 1979, with some members of the New York salsa group, Tipica 73, in what is described as the first recording project by a salsa orchestra from the United States in the island.

According to statements by the Dominican singer back then, after the release of the CD to the market, he had to pay a high price because club owners in New York did not hire him because of having participated in that production.

Winner of the Cubadisco Prize this year in traditional son and distributed in the country by the EGREM publishing house, the CD adds another success to Septeto Santiaguero, nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2011 and 2013.

The group is performing these days in Venezuela, where they have been welcomed in Caracas and La Guaira.

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