The New Constitution to Represents All Cubans, MP Says

Havana, Dec 20 (Prensa Latina) The new Constitution will represent all Cubans, because it stems from the criteria compiled in the country’s neighborhoods and houses, MP Nelson Dominguez said Thursday.

The renowned plastic artist told Prensa Latina at the Convention Palace in Havana on the second day of the National Assembly dedicated to debate changes to the initial draft constitution. It has been enriched by opinions and proposals made by the people during the consultations held from August 13 to November 15.

We are now seeing a different document (compared to the one approved by Parliament in July), with transformations, which has to do with Cuban culture and freedom, he said.

The 133,000 meetings held in neighborhoods and centers of work and study generated some 780,000 proposals, which during the processing of these criteria were classified into nearly 9,600 sample opinions, half of which were incorporated in one way or another into the draft to add 760 changes. The Cuban parliamentarians began Wednesday the new draft analysis, which will be submitted for the National Assembly members’ approval during the second ordinary period of its 9th Legislature, scheduled for Friday.

If MPs pass it, the decision on whether or not to implement the constitution will be taken by Cuban residents in a referendum scheduled for February.

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