The Inauguration of the First Soft Capsules Center in Cuba

The Inauguration of the First Soft Capsules Center in Cuba

Jan 31 (Radio Rebelde) “As part of the National Scientific Research Center (CINC), the Biocubafarma enterprise is the new center of that related production and it represents the achievement of the researches of the late Fidel Castro and the result of the good relations between Cuba and China.” Mr. Chen Xin, pointed out.
“Cuba has many advantages in the biotechnology field through its research and production and China has the will, the technology, the financing and the experiences on international related cooperations.” He said.

At the beginning, the aforementioned center will produce a tablet of which its active ingredient is the one named Palmex that is an antioxidant product extracted from the Cuban Palm tree, along with favorable results in the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

“This product has been generated at the local Sierra Maestra Science and Technical center and it has supplied the active ingredient to us that is the oil from a leguminous plant that is named as Sacha Inchi and it is rich in the kind of 3, 6 and 9 Omega oils that is recommended for the reduction of the triglycerides.”

The Inauguration of the First Soft Capsules Center in Cuba

Yadira Carmente, who is the young director of that center, informed to the visitors during a tour through the new center, the fact that its production capacity is 4500 capsules per hour and that is to say $ 200 million yearly.

“As soon as the local regulator institution carries out the necessary inspections to the plant and it could rectify the good practices of its production, which will last between 2 and 3 months as the estimated time of the durability of that process, then we would be able to begin its delivery to the commercial enterprises. “ Rafael Gámez, who is the trade and business director of the CNIC, highlighted.

Rafael Gámez stated that the population will have access to the soft capsules in the second semester of the year.

Other products such as vitamins and nutritional supplements, which are being still developed, could be place into capsules.
The inauguration of that center is among the activities for the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the 50th anniversary of Havana city.

By Claudía Díaz Pérez

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