The Cuban Revolution is destined to triumph

Oct 25 – Opening yesterday, October 24, at Havana’s convention center, was the Second International Symposium on “The Cuban Revolution, genesis and historical development” with more than 100 participants on hand, from a variety of countries including the United States, Spain, and Greece.

According to the organizing committee, the event has as its fundamental objective providing an opportunity for debate and sharing knowledge based on historical sciences, to contribute to better understanding of Cuba’s revolutionary process, in all its complexity.

During his opening remarks, René González Barrios, president of the country’s Institute of History, affirmed that the Cuban Revolution has been a long, uninterrupted process, that continues today in search of solutions to its imperfections, serving as inspiration to other peoples of the world.

Our enemies, he emphasized, are now speculating that the end of the Revolution is imminent, but we know it is destined to triumph, for historical reasons. For Cubans, he said, no other alternative exists except the consolidation of our sustainable, prosperous socialist model, adding, “These are times of much reflection and much work to achieve world peace.”

Also attending the opening ceremony were Roberto Montesinos Pérez, head of the Party’s department of Culture; José Ramón Fernández, Hero of the Republic and Presidential advisor; among other guests, including Antonio del Conde (el Cuate) from Mexico, who was a close collaborator of Fidel’s during preparations for the Granma expedition.

During the first day, workshops focused on Máximo Gómez; patriotic traditions and education; mausoleums and cemeteries; and the foundational values of Cuba’s national identity.

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