The Aragón Grammy is an award for all Cuban musicians

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) The Latin Grammy obtained by the Aragón orchestra is considered here today an award for all Cuban musicians, said Mario Escalona, director of the Music Recordings and Editions Company (Egrem).

In the Salón del Son, headquarters of the Septeto Santiaguero, where the broadcast of the award from the United States was followed, the manager transmitted the greeting of the family of the main record company in the country to the members of the group, current and those who already they’re not here.

Escalona expressed that Aragon has been a school of artists in its more than 80 years and has in its trajectory, among other indisputable merits, its numerous international tours and in particular, those carried out in Africa, a continent sometimes forgotten in those musical journeys.

He expressed the satisfaction of having musicians like them and their director, Rafael Lay, who has known how to sustain his father’s work with total attachment to an authentic and original sound legacy.

The director of the Egrem alluded to the productions they have made with the emblematic brass band and the album they are currently working on, together with Isaac Delgado and Alain Pérez, in which they continue their relevant career.

The phonograms Faílde con tumbao and Este es Nuestro changüí, signed by that label, competed in this 21st edition in the traditional tropical category of the annual competition, as well as Mariposas, by Omara Portuondo, which did so under the auspices of Bis Music.

Escalona pointed out that the aforementioned classification is one in which they have pigeonholed the richness and variety of Cuban music, a claim that they have made to the Academy of Recording Arts of the northern nation so that greater spaces are opened to that sound potentiality.

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