Terrorist,CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles Died Without Punishment

Havana, May 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who once claimed to sleep like a baby, died, without punishment in Miami, United States, in spite of the long list of murders of innocent people in his file.

The news was spread yesterday around the world, ‘ the man considered in the island the most dangerous terrorist of the western hemisphere died at age 90, identified as one of the authors of October 6, 1976 blast in mid-flight, of a Cubana de Aviación airplane with 73 human beings on board.

Ex CIA agent, his name appeared in a 1976 report declassified by the State Department as ‘the mastermind’ behind the crime against Cubana’s aircraft in Barbados.

Means of the Greater Antilles remember today the bomb planted under his instructions in the Copacabana hotel, in this capital, where on September 4, 1997 the Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo was killed.

In an interview published by The New York Times, Posada Carriles affirmed months later: ‘It’s sad that someone has died, that Italian was in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ saying he had no regrets until adding: ‘I sleep like a baby’.

Likewise, the island’s ,media describes the assassination attempts in which he was involved against the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), among them the one organized in November 2000, at the Auditorium of the University of Panama, during the 10th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.

Speaking about the death of the terrorist, the US news agency Associated Press reflected yesterday in one of its materials the interviews that took place in 2009 and 2010, in which context he admitted: ‘If Castro came through this door, I would kill him’.

The report points out that Posada Carriles never gave up violence, and quotes the director of the independent Documentation Project on Cuba at the National Security Archive, Peter Kornbluh, who warned that ‘the CIA created and unleashed a Frankenstein.’


‘Posada Carriles was a monster, but nobody here celebrated his death, what really hurts, and too much, is the impunity with which he lived and the protection that the United States offered him,’ commented Manuel Díaz, a retired 74 years old.

In January 2011, in El Paso, Texas, the terrorist appeared before the courts, only for lying to the immigration authorities, ignoring the US justice the most important charges.

Many were surprised when on April 8 the jury considered him innocent, after deliberating only for three hours.

At that time, the New York newspaper NY Daily News published: ‘He is 82 years old, but he is not a kind grandfather’.

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