Ten ideas for Cuban youth

Photo: Ariel Cecilio Lemus Alvarez

Key ideas – not to be forgotten – from the Federation of University Students Ninth Congress, held in Havana this past weekend

July 12, 2018

– Youth will guarantee the continuity of Cuba’s revolutionary process and the construction of the prosperous, sustainable socialism the country wants. This is not an empty slogan, but rather the greatest commitment this generation assumes.
– If youth are to be the protagonists of changes underway in the country, every one of the FEU’s 5,300 branches must take on a project of social, community, economic, or environmental impact.
– The organization of students, building unity and consensus, must begin in classrooms, to consolidate essential ideas and conscious action to produce concrete results.
– Priorities include continuing to encourage research, promoting its use in projects of social impact, allowing new generations to perfect our socialism.
– Measures are needed to provide for more autonomy and perfect practices in training periods and job placement of university graduates.
– Institutions and enterprises must promote graduates’ participation in innovation and development, under the guidance of experienced professionals.
– Nothing, no one, can destroy the solid political foundation developed in Cuba during our 150 years of struggle to win and protect the nation’s independence.
– Previous generations of university students left as their legacy the importance of unity.
– This was a historic Congress, the first to be held without the physical presence of Fidel, at a time when a new stage of the Cuban Revolution is unfolding, as a new generation is assuming the leadership of the country.
– Evident during the Congress were the talent and commitment of university students to this Revolution that began October 10, 1868, and has always been able to count on the active, conscious involvement youth.


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