Syrian Friendship Association Ratifies Support to Cuba

Damascus, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) The Syria-Cuba Friendship Association has declared its firm support to the Cuban people and government for their resistance against the US blockade.

According to a statement, it was pointed out that ‘our people have the moral duty to unite and support each other to face this inhuman offensive. The media, political and economic war by the United States against Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, China and other sovereign nations prove it so.

For 60 years, the Cuban Revolution led by the eternal leader Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz has been example of resistance against the US attempts to foster a political and economic system change in Cuba, the statement read.

Reiterated and nearly unanimous calls by the international community to put an end to this irrational, economic blockade against Cuba prove that the reason is on our people´s side, the Association stated.

‘Our Association will go on defending and proving the truth about Cuban society as part of the duty to champion the Cuban people in their legitimate demand to put an end to the oldest and broadest system of unilateral sanctions ever imposed against any country,’ according to the statement.


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