Swiss watchmaker Zenith celebrates Cohiba’s 50th anniversary

The Habanos S.A. brand is also set to launch its new Quintero Tubulares line of vitolas, presented for the first time in individual aluminum tube casings. The cigars will be available to purchase worldwide in the coming weeks.

“Both legendary in their own right, Zenith and Cohiba share the same philosophy of excellence, sophistication and exclusivity. The former is a Swiss watchmaking manufacturer building on 150 years of innovation and expertise, while the latter is the celebrated name of the most sought-after cigars in the world,” reads a statement sent to Granma International by Daymi Difurniao, Habanos S.A communication and marketing specialist. The statement highlights that the Cohiba brand, established in 1966, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In honor of the special occasion, it adds, “Zenith is presenting a limited series of its legendary El Primero chronograph, with 50 watches in rose gold and 500 in stainless steel, all featuring a cigar brown dial and emblematic Cohiba motifs. A combination of elegance and expert craftsmanship, the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition exudes a full-bodied fragrance tinged with daring and pleasure.”

Also noted is that “Zenith and Cohiba are two legendary manufactures with a shared universe of authenticity, precision and excellence. Each one infuses passion and expertise into exceptional creations so as to bring unmatched enjoyment to experienced connoisseurs.”

In another statement, Zenith CEO, Aldo Magada, noted that “At Zenith we are proud and happy to be partnering with Cohiba, which is not only the best Habanos brand, but also represents the same relentless quest for product excellence that we have been pursuing for more than 150 years. The priority for both companies is to enhance the customer experience, thanks to the unique craftsmanship of our artisans. We are convinced that the limited series Zenith is offering will please connoisseurs of both worlds.”

Meanwhile, Javier Terrés, Habanos S.A development VP, commented that “Here at Habanos S.A., we are very pleased and excited about this collaboration. These are two legendary brands with a similar history based on exclusivity and innovation, both sharing the same vision to deliver excellence to clients. The result is a series of exceptional watches, and a real tribute to the 50th anniversary of Cohiba.


The Habanos, S.A. Company – founded in the city of Cienfuegos in Cuba’s southern region – is launching its new Quintero Tubulares line of vitolas (42mm diameter x 133mm long).

The Quintero Tubulares will go on sale worldwide in the coming weeks, presented for the first time in aluminum tube casings.
These renowned medium strength cigars are made with leaves from Vuelta Abajo, a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) region, and the Semi Vuelta territory, both located in the island’s tobacco producing province of Pinar del Río (PDO).

To make a Quintero Habano, cigar rollers combine filler leaves, which are then rolled in binder leaves with a moist cloth; then the wrapper, or outer, leaves are applied by hand in the traditional way. The Quintero Tubulares are presented in individual aluminum tube casings in 15 unit boxes.

Juan Diego Nusa

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