Summit in Peru will be an Ideological Battle, Says Cuban Organization

By Joel Michel Varona

Havana, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) The 8th Summit of the Americas will be a political-ideological battle against the oligarchies and the imperialism, said today Lourdes Cervantes, General Secretary of the Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

She referred to the Civil Society Forum of the 8th Summit of the Americas, scheduled for mid-April in Lima, the participants of which will focus discussions from their approaches as social actors, civil society organizations and left-wing social movements.

‘We will stage a battle against the reactionary offensive of conservative restoration that is willing to establish itself in the peoples of our America,’ Cervantes told the Prensa Latina news agency during the 2nd Forum of the Cuban Civil Society Thinking Americas.

‘The great slogan of the summit to be held in Lima, Peru, on April 13th and 14th, is governance against corruption, and we think it is important to point out that from the very slogan there is a clear expression of politicization and double standards,’ said Cervantes.

She said that many times, these two issues predominate in multilateral events of governmental nature.

Cervantes said that the summit in Peru will be held at a time when there are very clear examples in the Americas that corruption has reached the highest political circles.

‘For example, they made up the Lima summit of a significant number of countries known for their scandalous corruption, and they exclude Venezuela from the summit’, she said.

‘They accuse the Bolivarian Revolution of being anti-democratic and dictatorial, therefore they deny it the right to attend a continental summit of this nature,’ she said.

Cervantes said that corruption is stigmatized, however, absolutely nothing is said about the legitimately elected Government in Brazil, the constitutional President of which Dilma Rousseff who was elected democratically by her people, was overthrown.

‘She was accused of corruption, but no evidence was presented against her,’ said Cervantes.

‘In that same country, the oligarchic right-wing and its foreign allies do everything possible to annul presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, also accused of corruption with no evidence either,’ she said.

‘However, Lula was sentenced and this would lead to nullify his chances of being the next presidential candidate from the Workers Party of Brazil in the general elections in that country,’ said Cervantes.

‘These are examples of how the scourge of corruption is selectively politicized in our hemisphere, particularly against progressive, revolutionary and left-wing governments,’ said Cervantes.

‘Corruption is an actual scourge, an expression of immorality and illegality and is deeply craving for surplus value and the profits of the capitalist system,’ said Cervantes.

The 2nd Forum of the Cuban Civil Society Thinking Americas, attended by representatives of more than 2,000 organizations and associations of political, economic, social, religious and fraternal nature, is held at the headquarters of the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC), before the 8th Summit of the Americas.

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