Suffolk Alumni Trip to Cuba

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Suffolk University is offering a unique opportunity for alumni from all schools and departments, undergraduate and graduate programs, to travel to Cuba for a special one-week program.

The trip will be led by Judge Isaac Borenstein (ret.), Visiting Professor of Law at Suffolk Law School. A native of Havana and fluent in Spanish, Judge Borenstein has returned to his home many times, forged close relationships with law faculty at the University of Havana, and established many friendships there with people from all walks of life. Judge Borenstein knows the city well, including many off-the-beaten-path places.

While Cuba is generally known for its beautiful beaches, rum, cigars, music and dance, it is a complex nation, culturally, economically and politically. During the trip, some of that complexity will begin to become more evident. Participants will visit world-class museums, learn about Cuban history, admire the country’s architecture, and begin to understand why so many call Cubans the “wizards of invention.” That moniker describes a people able to keep decades-old American and Eastern European cars running on the roads, while earning kudos for their work in medicine and bio-technology.

Most visitors come away admiring Cubans’ passion for ballet, their love for and talent in chess, baseball and other sports, Borenstein says. “I still marvel at Cubans’ ability to face the difficulties of daily life in a developing nation–while at the same time maintaining great humor, humility, generosity and love of life.”

“Cubans are fascinated by all-things American, from clothing to music, and they have a deep curiosity about our form of government— particularly when we approach them and their country with respect, interest and an open-mind,” Borenstein adds.

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