Subversion in Cuba and US funding links revealed

Havana, Feb 3 (Prensa Latina) The script of a soft coup on Cuba is based on actions of misnamed ‘independent media’ financed by the United States, according to Cuban local press.

Cuban television set out the links between the US financing structures and those who are currently working for separate sites including AND Cuba, Periodismo de Barrio and Diario de Cuba.

‘Nine individuals who work for these web portals were present during recent incitements in front of Cuba’s Ministry of Culture (MINCULT) with the aim of disclosing what was happening there,’ according to the video.

Cuba´s television news described the January 27 incident in front of MINCULT as a media show and stressed that those people gathered there really intended to generate chaos and destabilization so as to send this image through social networks.

Cuba’s press disclosed a footage in which Nelson Julio Álvarez, who works for ADN Cuba website, acknowledged he was paid US$150 to 200 for spreading incitements against MINCULT.

Through the audiovisual posted on the Facebook group Telescopio Cubano, Julio Álvarez himself detailed about his counterrevolutionary action coverage and the way which he was paid for.

Based on Cuba Money Project portal, the website in question, managed from the United States, was financed with US$410,710 in 2020 through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Cuban television said such portals are really seeking to ‘destroy and manipulate the environment’ because these website owners do not live in Cuba and ‘for them the country is just business.’

In this regard, Cuban news media recalled these incidents are closely linked to the soft coup script that social networks want to apply to the country.

The United States has recently reported expenditures worth more than US$ 261 million in subversion projects against Cuba from 1990 to date.

Cuba Money Project assures that over US$124 million went to the purpose described as ‘democratic participation and civil society’, around US$38 million for ‘human right issues’ and US$25 million to ‘media and free flow of information’.


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