Strengthening Public Communication System in Cuba Advocated

Havana, Dec 11 (Prensa Latina) A press law in Cuba needs to be conceived on the basis of integration of the political, mediatic and citizen agendas, asserted in an interview with Prensa Latina, doctor in Communication Sciences, Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

During the 8th International Meeting of Researchers and Scholars of Information and Communication (ICOM), professor of the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana, took the opportunity to propose the first ideas to take into account in the elaboration of a press law for the country.

The project of a statute for communication has taken years of planning, there are guidelines and resolutions of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), but we still lack a legislation which has the union of media, contents and infrastructure, added Elizalde.

Also, she said that any policy should “endorse the space of communication as a place for citizen participation,” where all actors of society converge.

She insisted on the importance of designing a law that is consistent with present times in which Cuba reestablishes political relations with the United States and the digital era marks the information reforms.

“The public debate is the only site where the rights and needs of communication can be defended and prevent to be cut by the U.S. market.”

As for the most significant worries of Cuban journalists, the also newswoman and editor of the Cubadebate website, mentioned the excessive external regulation of contents and the bureaucratization and incapacity to understand the insertion in the digital space.

Besides the salary of the journalists before an emergent private market, “that competes fiercely and unloyally with the system of public media,” as well as the recognition of young people as part of the management process, ever more focused on demand than in the informative offer.

On the other hand, she extolled that young journalists and communicators managers of the so-called “alternative” media in Cuba, show the enormous talent produced in the country’s universities.



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