Start Making Sense Announces ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Excursion To Cuba

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JamBase – Feburay 1, 2018

Start Making Sense: A Tribute to Talking Heads is heading to Cuba. The band has partnered with Porterra Travel, Rocks Off, Molimar Export Consultants Inc. and Interplanner to offer fans a “Once In A Lifetime” chance to join the band as part of an educational/cultural/performance and people-to-people exchange trip to Cuba, slated for April 25 – 29.

The Talking Heads tribute act will play twice in Havana and will participate in a tour of the historic city and local museums. Fans who embark on the adventure will have a chance to fully immerse themselves in the Afro-Cuban music and culture that influenced a large portion of Talking Heads’ unparalleled sound.

“The full history of Cuban music is filled with some of the most beautiful compositions and rhythms, which, due to its strength, has influenced music around the globe. Getting closer to that place may give us all a better understanding of Talking Heads’ music, the music that inspired it, and music in general,” said Start Making Sense frontman Jonathan Braun in a press release announcing the trip.

Braun and his band, as well as its partners, have been working together for eight month to arrange the trip, with the aim of connecting fans with the Cuban people on a deeper level. “We all know that music is a universal language; let’s be part of a larger conversation,” he said.

Besides the two concerts, Start Making Sense will be adding philanthropic elements to the trip. The band will be donating drum sticks, guitar strings, colored pencils, pens and other items and encourages fans who travel with them to do the same.

“We have seen the happiness and joy that Start Making Sense shows have brought to people across the United States,” Braun said. “We plan on bringing that contagious joy with us and sharing it with the Cuban people.” Check out details of packages below and head here for more information.

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