Spontaneous tribute in Andorra to Cuban medical brigade

Madrid, Apr 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s national anthem resounded in the capital of Andorra, in a gesture of gratitude from its inhabitants to the country’s medical brigade that collaborates in the fight against Covid-19 in that Principality.

From balconies and windows, the inhabitants of Andorra la Vieja honor their health professionals, the notes of Cuba’s anthem were heard through the spontaneous action of a citizen.

The event was highlighted by the Cuban ambassador to Spain, concurrent in that small European state, Gustavo Machín, in a message issued this Friday on Twitter.

The 39 health professionals of Cuba, including doctors, specialists, and nursing and logistics personnel, arrived on Monday in that nation of the old continent, at the request of the Andorran government.

The authorities of the Principality accompanied the contingent on their road trip from Madrid to the neighboring country located in the Pyrenees, which exceeds 400 infections and more than a dozen deaths due to SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, causing Covid-19 disease.

The Principality -of about 76,000 inhabitants and an extension of 468 square kilometers- shares borders with Spain and France, two of the nations most affected by the novel coronavirus.



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