Spanish Company Bodegas Torres Focuses on Cuban Tourism

La Habana, The president of the Spanish wine company Bodegas Torres S.A., Miguel Torres, is focused on the commerce of Cuba and its growing tourist industry.

The executive said that the island’s recreational industry and its gastronomy and wines are currently experiencing success and will grow more in the coming years.

Torres added that visitors to the Island need high-end wines, such as those produced in his facilities.

The country has experienced huge tourism growth and needs to market wines such as those produced by Torres and his company, who will do everything possible to develop the wine culture here.

According to Torres, tourism in Cuba currently has many opportunities that it should take advantage of and added that it should be very pleased with the progress of the gourmet sector in the country.

Bodegas has a presence in 150 countries, which is a testament to its solid prestige and the quality of its products., November 11, 2o16

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