Sonic Attacks Never Existed, Assures Cuban Scientist

Havana, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The claims put forward by the US government of sonic attacks against its diplomats in Havana lack scientific arguments and remain unproven, assures Cuban specialist Nelson Gomez.

The Doctor of Medical Sciences published today a detailed story in Cubadebate news website, in which he insists that the White House uses such claims to sow fear in tourists who decide to choose the largest of the Antilles as a destination.

‘We have offered solid scientific arguments that show that there was no attack nor anything that has hurt US diplomats,’ he said.

The US Administration used the issue of alleged damage to officials of its embassy reopened in July 2015 to remove half of its staff, expel several Cuban diplomats from Washington and issue a travel warning on the island, decisions that marked a setback in bilateral relations which former president Barack Obama had relaunched.

Gomez denounces that in spite of lack of evidence, allegations of brain injuries suffered by US diplomats continue.

The scientist assures that to clarify a diagnosis it is essential to be able to interrogate and examine the alleged cases, as well as to have access to investigations carried out, an opportunity that has been denied to Cuban medical personnel who participate in the investigation of the alleged sonic attacks.

Cuba insists that there were no such attacks and has repeatedly conveyed its willingness to work with the United States in quest of the truth, without politicization or preconceived conditions that hurt relations between Havana and Washington, which have deteriorated since the arrival of Trump to the Office Oval in January 2017.

The director general of the United States Office of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, told Prensa Latina in March that from the first day the island has been willing to cooperate with the investigations to clarify this issue.

We have sent invitations, shown willingness to collaborate, shared information and asked to be shared with our authorities and with the multidisciplinary team that has studied the issue, he said during a meeting with journalists.

Fernandez de Cossio explained that Cuba has also asked for the possibility of meeting with people who have reported symptoms, and asked for the possibility of interacting with the doctors who cared for them in the United States. But Washington has denied any request put to them.

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