Solidarity Conference with Cuba Highlighted in Germany

Berlin/Bonn, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) Activists from the German Network of Solidarity with Cuba, an alliance of dozens of organizations, have highlighted today the positive outcome of their annual youth conference.

Stephanie Remus, the organizer of the event, stressed in an interview with Prensa Latina that ‘among the issues of this exchange were the unjust blockade of the United States against Cuba and the situation of the youth’.

Under the slogan ‘Cuba after the elections, our solidarity continues’, dozens of participants debated for two days at the forum, which had among its aims the dialogue with young Germans, to integrate them into the solidarity movement with the Caribbean nation, she added.

Remus also highlighted the depth of the analysis during this weekend’s meeting in Bonn, the second of its kind, which included Cuban Congresswoman Yenisey Cruz Carreño among its guests.

According to the source, the 30-year-old legislator, a representative of the youth of Cuba, ‘explained the current debate on the constitutional draft in Cuba’.

Joerg Rueckmann, from the organization Cuba Sí, explained the Cuban electoral system to the young people present, while other activists presented solidarity projects with Venezuela and other nations.

The conference also dealt with current issues, such as the rise of the extreme right in Germany.

At the end of the meeting, Cruz Carreño and the head of the Cuban diplomatic office in Bonn, Yamari Perez Viera, answered questions from participants.

The Network of Solidarity with Cuba announced it plans to organize the third youth conference next year.

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