Solidarity and support for Venezuela grow in face of US threats

Caracas, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) International solidarity and support for Venezuela are growing today, due to escalation of attacks by the United States against the South American nation, amid the health crisis caused by the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic.

This week, political and social organizations from different parts of the world expressed their strong rejection of the interventionist US actions against Venezuela.

In a statement sent to the Venezuelan Embassy in France, the Martinique-Venezuela Friendship Association expressed deep concern about the tensions generated in the Caribbean by the large-scale military operation launched by the US Government amid an international health crisis.

‘It is clear to everyone that the announced objective, that is, to crackdown on drug trafficking, is really just a decoy that barely masks Donald Trump’s true intention: a military intervention in Venezuela to bring some problems and chaos, and also take control of the country’s natural resources,’ the statement reads.

In France, the Communist Party strongly condemned the military maneuvers, as well as France’s support and that from the European Union (EU) for the transition framework that Washington is seeking to impose.

The Ghana Socialist Forum, for its part, expressed its solidarity with the governments and peoples of Venezuela, Cuba and Iran, three nations subjected to illegal, unilateral and coercive sanctions amid the combat against Covid-19. The Forum called on global progressive forces to support the fight against these sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), made up of academics from more than 10 Latin American and Caribbean nations, expressed deep concern about the US intentions to intensify its aggression against the people of Venezuela.


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