Sheila Nevins, the HBO female voice

One figure who has the current issue of the prestigious Film Festival in Havana is Sheila Nevins, producer of the documentary section of the famous American network HBO, who arrived in Havana to deliver a lecture on the production of audiovisual.

Affable, responded to young people-full audience, several questions related to their work. He said he was a passionate producer and prefers “wonderful stories of people who are often not taken into account; characters out of the American dream, and that is perhaps the highest form of my human commitment.”

Being in Cuba revealed, it gives “warmth in the heart.” Nevins has been involved in around 1000 television documentaries he represents. He has been lucky, but still has “a lot to learn about making a good documentary.”

Executive producer confessed to not knowing much about the Cuban documentary cinema. However, he showed interest in learning about the Cuban reality and filming: “Here there are still untold stories for us, one of which is the embargo or blockade of the island.”

On the process of filming the works, particularized that having made the past preferred if the event has been narrated many times, choosing a writer, because the documentary when better is performed is at the time of the events, or the protagonists.

As stated, when HBO is preparing a new film, his team of filmmakers does not have rules to choose which narrative work, or write scripts, you can even “be that at the end of the shooting day we realize that not even have a pen for notes. We move on the basis of experience “.

“A mother I die for her child, and if one is very close to his work, for he shall die for it. It is not an extension of the ego as it could be for many, but sometimes even has not been in the field of film feel the movies as an extension of the family, and when it does not hurt me, “he added.For her a good documentary needs just three things: honesty, courage filmmaker, talent and money, of course.

At one point in the conference, co-HBO, who accompanied her on her second trip to Cuba, joined the exchange. They, referring to how to choose new ideas for projects, they chanted “all ideas come from Sheila.”

Before concluding, ratifying the idea that currently making documentaries benefits from a boom, often with an emphasis on life stories. HBO always took such stories. The company in its early days was not, according to Nevins, positioned like other American chains like NBC or CBS. Therefore they selected, unlike what was fashionable, human experiences.

The volume of production does not mean that documentaries are more popular. In the world there are more of these kind of work because they can be less expensive, relative to a feature film.

But the blockbuster remains a major problem for nonfiction. There are some who go to the public and return without much impact. “It takes will find more stories, it’s still a needle in a haystack,” he said.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

Written by Diona Espinosa Naranjo / Diario del Festival, Radio Cubana

December 9, 2015

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